Monitoring My GAME Plan Progress

Goal One – to increase my awareness and use of virtual environments to engage students in collaborative knowledge

Thus far I have been extremely fortunate in locating resources that provide collaborative opportunities for my students, both with each other as well as with other students around the globe. One new resource that has become available to me as of this past week is SimpleK12. They offer many resources and tools to help the 21st century teacher, including ideas for webtools, interactive whiteboard activities, integrating podcasts, virtual fieldtrip toolkits, and educational webcam toolkits. I received a free ebook from them called 101 Free webtools, where I learned about a fantastic collaborative opportunity for my students. The website is called and it allows students to collaborate over the website to develop creative writing storybooks by using pictures provided on the websites. I recently watched a webinar presented by Kim Warrner and Lisa Greathouse. They were able to walk me through a few of the tools available for teachers. Some questions that have developed through my introduction to this online learning community for teachers is whether or not it costs to be a member, and I will be looking for additional benefits or perks from this resource to find out if it is something I want to pursue.

At this point I am still working on getting my students used to using Edmodo. We have tried it out a couple of times, but I feel like I am going to need the summer to really plan how best to integrate it into my classroom.

Goal Two: to learn more about incorporating the SMART Response System into content area lessons.

With regard to the SMART Response System, I have learned that in conjunction with SMART Notebook software, I can create my own material to integrate into any lesson or assessment activity, OR I can choose from a seemingly infinite list of ready-made SMART Response question sets found on various websites, including SMART’s education website and other question banks. Other helpful information about the SRS that I have learned includes being able to adjust my instruction almost instantaneously based on classroom data, using the students’ data to track progress and create reports. I think my favorite part of this exploration process has been discovering how organized the SMART exchange website has been; they allow teachers to search for lessons by content standards! No more grade level/subject searching. I can literally locate resources by specific standards written for Florida.

The only modification I need to make to my plan is needing more time to explore using the SMART Response Systems. The school year is winding down, so our technology coordinator is hesitant to loan out the equipment regularly. However, I feel that if I keep up my research and exploration of tutorials and other information, I should be good to go when the 2011-2012 school year rolls around!


5 thoughts on “Monitoring My GAME Plan Progress

  1. Nicole,

    I am also interested in learning about using a response system, although it is not part of my GAME Plan. I do have the clickers that are similiar, but are not the Smart Response. Every math teacher was able to receive 24 clickers to keep in their rooms through the EMATH grant. I am very grateful for the technology that the math teachers have, but this year is the first year that I have really implemented the use of the response system through Study Island.

    I visited the SimpleK12 site that you discovered. I am going to download the ebook as well.

    Your GAME Plan seems to be moving in the right direction and is going well.


  2. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much for sharing the resources you have found! They sound great; I can’t wait to check them out! It looks like you have really been finding some useful resources to help you meet your goals!

  3. Nicole,

    The websites you included are great! I have glanced at them and plan on scouring them later. I am sure to use up a lot of time that way! I have used the Smart Exchange Website before and have had the same experience as you. It is so simple to use and offers fantastic lessons. I agree that time is the factor that could improve every developing GAME plan. Good luck!


  4. Nicole,

    I love using the clickers. My students use it with Study Island and I am able to see instant results. My students love being able to see the graphs and how many people got the answer correct or missed it. I let them view the graph, but only I get to see what students actually missed the problem.

    I do not know how to implement the clickers with anything other than Study Island. I am going to focus on discovering how to get better usage out of the clickers next school year.


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